From Wall to Wall



From Wall to Wall

From Wall to Wall is a yearly forum presented by Guadalajara’s International Book Fair in order to debate the main questions arising from the global historic moment we live in from a vantage point that goes beyond scholarly disciplines.

The forum’s name alludes to the long-term vision from which its reflections arise: one that postulates the fall of the Berlin Wall and the notion of culminating the erection of a wall between the United States and Mexico as its chronological milestones.

2017. The Siege Upon Civilization

In its first edition, presented in partnership with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), From Wall to Wall delved upon the risks that the growth of political movements that promote segregation and exclusion represent for the civilizing process.

2018. Democracy at a Crossroads

For its second edition, presented in partnership with the Center for Economic Research and Development, From Wall to Wall will tackle the crisis facing liberal democracies, manifesting itself in the proliferation and growing radicalization of authoritarian and/or populist régimes arising from democratic elections in European as well as American and Asian nations.

Our goal is to reflect upon these phenomena from a long-term perspective that encompasses both the excitement with which democratic régimes found a home in the countries of the former Soviet bloc –and in several Latin American countries that had lived under dictatorships– and the current growing discredit facing democracy and its ability to provide an answer to the challenges facing societies.


DATE October 30th and 31st, 2018

LOCATION Museo Nacional de Antropología and Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas

SPEAKERS 26 speakers


DATE November 24th and 25th, 2018

LOCATION Guadalajara’s International Book Fair

SPEAKERS 24 speakers



View programme by day

View programme by day

  • Day 1 - November 24, 2018
  • Day 2 - November 25, 2018


Nicolás Alvarado Writer and media professional

Day 2 | 20:00 Illiberal democracies Illiberal democracies
Alvarado has authored the essay collections Con M de México (Norma) and La Ley de Lavoisier (Norma) and is co-author of México 2010, Hipotecando el futuro (Taurus / CIDE) and El prejuicio y la palabra (UNESCO / UNAM / Rindis / CONAPRED) among other titles. He is currently a contributor to Mexican newspaper Milenio Diario, an advisor to the Presidency of FIL Guadalajara and From Wall to Wall's general coordinator.

Alberto Barrera Tyszka Writer

Day 2 | 20:00 Illiberal democracies Illiberal democracies
In 2004, he co-authored with journalist Cristina Marcano the first biography of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, a highly rigorous work of investigative journalism. Barrera is a contributor to Venezuelan and international publications such as El País, Letras Libres, Etiqueta Negra and Gatopardo.

Salomón Chertorivski Economist / Political scientist

Day 2 | 20:00 Illiberal democracies Illiberal democracies
The fostering of professional and efficient public administration has been the touchstone of Cherstorivski's career, which comprises two decades of civil service, scholarly work (currently as visiting professor at Mexico City's Centre for Economic Research and Development) as well activism, which he now promotes through the Garantía de Futuro organization.

Laurence Debray Historian

Day 2 | 20:00 Illiberal democracies Illiberal democracies
The daughter of French philosopher Régis Debray and Venezuelan anthropologist Elizabeth Burgos, she is also a specialist in the Spanish transition to democracy. Debray is also one of the most vocal critics of both the Venezuelan régime and its European advocates. Her memoir Fille de révolutionnaires has garnered the Political Book Prize, the Student’s Prize and the Chamber of Deputies Prize in France.

Joaquín Estefanía Journalist

Day 2 | 20:00 Illiberal democracies Illiberal democracies
Most of his professional life has been tied to Spanish newspaper El País, of which he served as editor-in-chief from 1988 to 1993. From 2007 to 2012 he chaired the Report on Democracy in Spain for Alternativas Foundation. His defense of democratic liberties has garnered him the Europa Prize for Journalism. His most recent book is Revoluciones. Cincuenta años de rebeldía (1968-2018), published by Galaxia Gutenberg.

Amaranta Gómez Regalado Activist and social anthropologist

Day 1 | 20:00 Interculturalism and democracy Interculturalism and democracy
A muxe –that is, an assigned male at birth person who dresses and behaves in ways otherwise associated with the female gender– of Zapotec origin, Amaranta has participated for more than two decades in local and international organizations tackling issues of health, sexuality, human rights and cultural promotion for native and trans communities. In 2003, she was nominated by the México Posible party as the first muxe/trans candidate to run for Mexican Congress.

Ariel González Journalist and editor

Day 1 | 20:00 Interculturalism and democracy Interculturalism and democracy
Editor-in-chief for the website, Ariel is an economist whose professional career has centered upon publishing and media, He has served as editorial coordinator for the Notimex Mexican news agency, as press attaché for the Mexican Embassy in Argentina and as culture editor for Milenio Diario newspaper. His book Breviario de correrías was published by the Mexican National Council for Culture and the Arts.

Marco Hernández Media professional

Day 1 | 19:00 Democracy in crisis Democracy in crisis
Hernández holds a Media B.A. from Guadalajara's Technlogical Institute of Graduate Studies (ITESO), where he partook of research on audiences and the reception of mass media. He also holds a diploma in cultural policy and cultural administration from OEI - UAM. He has devoted the last 28 years to editing lifestyle magazines with trend analysis as his framework. He has also directed documentaries for tv unam and the Mexican Senate and is a contributor to the Pancalía arts programme for UDG's radio network.

María Inclán Scholar and researcher

Day 1 | 20:00 Interculturalism and democracy Interculturalism and democracy
A professor at the Political Studies Division of Mexico City's Center for Economic Research and Development, her work focuses on the comparative study of social movements from both an institutional and a behavioral perspective. She has been affiliated with the Protest Survey international research project since 2011.

John Keane Political scientist

Day 1 | 19:00 Democracy in crisis Democracy in crisis
Founder of the Centre for the Study of Democracy in London and director of the Sydney Democracy Network, his current work tackles the future of global governance, the relationship between fear, violence and democracy, citizenship and civil society in Europe and public life and freedom of speech in the digital era. 2009 saw the publication of his Life and Death of Democracy.

Consuelo Sáizar Cultural sociologist

Day 1 | 19:00 Democracy in crisis Democracy in crisis
With a background in media, political science, public administration and sociology, she headed the Editorial Jus publishing house from 1983 to 1990, was a founding partner of the Raya en el Agua publishing house from 1991 to 2002, chaired the State-owned Fondo de Cultura Económica from 2002 to 2009 and served as president of the National Council for Culture and the Arts –the current Mexican Ministry of Culture– from 2009 to 2012.

Andreas Schedler Political scientist

Day 1 | 19:00 Democracy in crisis Democracy in crisis
Holding a Ph.D in Political Science from the University of Vienna, he is a researcher and professor at the Mexican Center for Economic Research and Devolpment. He has authored dozens of books, including The Politics of Uncertainty: Sustaining and Subverting Electoral Authoritarianism (Oxford University Press, 2013) and In the Fog of War: Citizens and Organized Criminal Violence in Mexico (CIDE, 2018).

Jesús Silva-Herzog Márquez Political analyst

Day 1 | 19:00 Democracy in crisis Democracy in crisis
Holding a degree in Law from UNAM and a master’s in Political Science from Columbia University, he is currently a professor at the Government School of the Monterrey Technological Institute of Higher Studies in Mexico City, a member of the Mexican Academy of Language and a contributor to several publications. Beyond the Crisis: Mexico and the Americas in Transition and The Idiocy of Perfection are among the many books he has authored.

Antonio Villaraigosa Politician

Day 1 | 20:00 Interculturalism and democracy Interculturalism and democracy
In 2005, he became the first Hispanic American to be elected mayor of Los Angeles since 1872, an appointment that garnered visibility for a political career consisting of more than three decades-worth of work with labor unions and civil rights organizations. He has been named by Time magazine as one of the 25 most influential Latinos in the United States.

Monika Zgustova Writer, journalist and translator

Day 1 | 20:00 Interculturalism and democracy Interculturalism and democracy
Born in Prague, she lives in Barcelona from where she contributes to El País newspaper. She has translated into Spanish Václav Havel and Milan Kundera among many authors and has garnered the City of Barcelona Prize and the Ángel Crespo Prize for her translations. She has authored six novels, including La noche de Valia, recipient of the 2014 Amat-Piniella Prize for Best Novel, and Fresh Mint with Lemon and Goya’s Glass, both translated into English.


Session 1
Democracy in crisis

Session 2
Interculturalism and democracy

Session 3
Illiberal democracies